Taiwanese Animators Take on Black Friday

Without snow or a or a decent turkey dinner Thanksgiving wasn’t quite as good as it could’ve been, but thanks to Facebook and Twitter I was still able to laugh at all the morons who ditched their families (some in the early hours of the morning) to ransack Big Box stores across America on Black Friday.

Despite internet-wide requests to boycott the shopping bonanza when stores slash prices to lure in early Christmas shoppers, people still went out in droves to secure the best deals. There were reports of fights, stampedes and other violence, and as with every year, we sat back and scratched our heads trying to understand how the black Friday phenomenon came about and why we repeatedly come to blows over discounted flat-screen TVs and video game consoles.

I’m no closer to an explanation than I was last year, but I can’t stop laughing at one offered by a group of animators at Taiwan’s Next Media Animation. Why an animation company in Taiwan would take on the debacle of America’s Black Friday is anyone’s guess (maybe they realize how absurd it is), but I commend them for their cheeky interpretation. The less than perfect English subtitles only make it better.

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